Dear homeowner,

Here’s wishing you a warm and sunny June. 

And, while we’re at it, here’s wishing you a warm and cozy winter, too.
The first wish, unfortunately, is pretty meaningless. Mother Nature will do whatever she wants, and that could include still more damp, chilly weather.
But the second wish is actually quite meaningful: No matter what the weather throws at us six months from now (yes, it really is that close), your next winter could be warm and cozy—and significantly less expensive than that last polar vortex.
That’s because the flagship home comfort and efficiency program, TCSaves, is running at full speed again, and will for a few more weeks. If you shivered last winter because you were cold or because your heating bill gave you a fright, this program can help.  
Sign up for TCSaves and, instead of $350, you’ll only pay $100 for a vetted, local efficiency expert to analyze your home’s electric, heating, cooling, and other energy systems. It’s an analysis and report that costs three times more on the open market. 
You’ll get razor-sharp advice from veteran energy analyzers on the most effective, least costly ways to quash drafts, harbor your home’s precious heat, cut your electric and heating bills, and boost your home’s real estate value. The same strategies will also help you keep your house cool in the hot summers that are sure to come. Additionally you’ll gain access to extraordinarily easy financing terms if you want to make large energy efficiency upgrades.  
It’s easy to go on and on about how well this program is working—but the best testaments come from 600 of your neighbors who have already acted, and are very happy they did. You can join their satisfied ranks. Jonathon Leeds, an Oak Park Neighbor, said, “This has been a great program. They were in and out, and left behind a much warmer house.”
It’s simple: as a TCL&P customer you are able to take advantage of this exceptional deal that will make your summers more comfortable and your winters easier and cheaper. Act quickly, because TCSaves will be gone by the 4th of July—rain or shine. 
To learn more or to sign up, see the website at: or email: or call: 231-620-1060.
The rest is up to you; it’s easy to call or click today, and prepare yourself to smile a lot in November. 
The TCSaves Team