Dear homeowner,

Traverse City Light & Power (TCL&P) is excited to announce that the program that helped over 550 customers make their homes more comfortable, and cut their utility bills, is back.

Over the past two years, TC Saves has offered state-of-the-art home energy assessments performed by certified local contractors who identify and prioritize comfort-enhancing, money-saving opportunities for TCL&P customers.

Because the TC Saves program has been in the Traverse City community for two years, they have a trusted track record. So far TC Saves has shown many of your friends and neighbors exactly where and how much energy—and money—they were wasting. Homeowners have responded by plugging the leaks causing drafts and cold floors; insulating roofs and walls; upgrading equipment and much more.

Who is TC Saves? It’s a utility-led team that includes two nonprofit organizations—SEEDS and Michigan Land Use Institute—and veteran, specially certified home efficiency analysts and contractors.

The renewed TC Saves program offers customers the $100 professional assessment of your home’s energy use (a savings of $300); a report on how much energy and money your home may be wasting; a personalized list of the most sensible solutions; access to available utility rebates; and information on easy, favorable financing.

Here is what one homeowner that went through the TC Saves program in 2012 had to say:

“The TC Saves program was an incredible opportunity for our family. The entire project of insulating our house was quite easy to do and the energy savings are already paying off. During October and November, our house has stayed at 60 degrees or higher without the heat on. I suspect our heat bills this winter will be cut in half. I highly recommend you take advantage of the TC Saves program.” 

Why let another winter go by before acting? Contact TC Saves now and they will help you find ways to save!

Sign-up is easy and hassle free. Make an appointment online at or call 231-620-1060 to start the process today.